ApplicationWatson Theory Essay

Assumptive Framework intended for Nursing Practice

# you Reading upon Nursing Theory

Submitted by: Rochell T. Opiana, RN, RCP


" Caring in nursing provides physical serves, but embraces the mind-body-spirit as it reclaims the embodied spirit as its focus of attention”.. Margaret Blue jean Watson

Individual is a appreciated person in and of him to be maintained, respected, nurtured, understood and assisted. In general, it is a philosophical view of the person like a fully functional built-in self. Your woman views human being as greater than, and different by, the amount of his parts.

Environment provides the values that figure out how one should respond and what goals you ought to strive toward. These beliefs are affected by the change in the social, ethnic, and religious, which in turn influences the notion of the person and can bring about stress. Caring has been around in every society. Every contemporary society has had a lot of people who have looked after others. A caring frame of mind is not really transmitted by generation by simply genes. It is transmitted simply by culture of the profession as a unique means of coping with its environment.

Unanimity and tranquility within the head, body and soul is usually wellness. Additionally it is associated with the degree of congruence among self because perceived so that as experienced.

Even as we move to educationally in the two areas of anxiety and developmental conflicts to supply holistic care. Social, meaningful and technological contributions to humankind and society lies in its commitment to human being care.

Watson proposes presumptions:

1 . Caring could be effectively shown and practice only interpersonally; 2 . Effective caring helps bring about health and person and friends and family growth; several. Caring answers accept a person not merely as he or she is now but as what he or she could become; 4. A caring environment is one that offers the advancement potential although allowing the person to choose the greatest action pertaining to himself or perhaps herself at a given time; 5. The practice of caring works with biophysical know-how...