Essay regarding Visual Unsupported claims

п»їVanessa Hernandez

Ms. Nguyen

English language 1302

Drive 2, 2015

Visual Examination

This advertisements shows a gun on the left and a mobile phone on the correct covered in blood. There is not a lot going in this advertisement, but the few things it has are powerful and do not require a lot of explaining. Above the objects happen to be two terms, which claim, " Russian Roulette” and on the bottom can be described as small passage of how text messaging and generating can get rid of and the effects of doing and so. This advertisement shows the negative effects of what could happen when an individual decides to text and drive. The font that was picked gives a serious tone and tells the viewer that this message is important. This advertising campaign does a congrats portraying the damaging effects of texting and driving by showing that gun, a bloody phone, and having a daring and prevent type typeface to show the seriousness of the issue. From this advertisement, there exists a gun on the left side of the picture to show text messaging and generating is as harmful as a gun. A gun is generally associated with eliminating and the picture of a bloody cell phone signifies that texting and driving can result in killing another person. Each time one looks at all their phone for the minute or perhaps second can be quite a life changer for the worse. The gun may be the same size as the product implying that both are weaponry despite the several standard purposes of the objects. Usually, people do not connect a cellphone with eradicating but in this ad, they are equating how texting when driving is simply the same as eliminating a person with a gun. Even though they can be totally different things, the advertisement stresses how both equally objects usually takes lives and exactly how they are both very dangerous. The sort of gun utilized in this advertisement is a revolver (handgun). Handguns should be used with only one hands and most people text with one hand too. The fact the handgun may be the same size as the product indicates that they can be comparable in both size and the degree of danger once used the wrong manner. The use of blood...