Essay about US Government Watching Us

" The US government has betrayed the net. We need to have it back” By: Bruce Schneier

​The internet has evolved drastically pertaining to the most severe the past year or two and it is moment for a change. The NSA has taken over the privacy of the internet access, that is not appropriate. If the internet was invented this is simply not what the designers thought happens. The computer engineering community has to step in and take it in return from the NO-STRINGS-ATTACHED. Companies that host each of our private data that people once reliable we can no more trust any more. Our own government has tricked us and in addition violated the privacy for the internet. ​There are many steps that our laptop engineer community can and really should do to solve the problem. Disclosing and using the culprits term that are spying on us to the light to alert innocent people who use the website or data for personal usage. The engineers should certainly come ahead about the NSA and what they are doing to the internet. As well find out how they can be subverting routers and fuses, so we can design obstacles that will stop them coming from getting into our data. All these things will prevent the NO-STRINGS-ATTACHED to whole sale spy on us. You will discover open protocols, implementations, and systems that will hinder the NSA to subvert the web. The computer architectural task power needs to step-up and require our internet privacy backside. ​Internet governance will make that harder for tech countries to monitor each of our every maneuver. Also since the people we have to demand the help of governments and corporations. We have to prevent total totalitarian federal government, avoid blunders of the ITU, and legitimize bad government behavior. It will make that easier in our future generation to up hold what we start and taking back and ideally we can develop new ways to keep this NSA bug away. ​In summary computer professional communities ought to dismantle the NSA cctv surveillance from laptop privacy. Combined with founding dads we should not want our upcoming generation searching back at the...