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Site-to-Site Connectivity Scenario

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I am troubleshooting replication between your Main Business office and Department Office 1 . It seems that becomes user subject attributes have a very long time to propagate or perhaps do not propagate at all. I am unsure when duplication is supposed to arise and have no idea where to begin tests? Do you have virtually any recommendations, any kind of suggested steps to help me reduce the problem? Thanks!

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I apologize about the trouble you are experiencing. Active Index replication by default is 'pull' rather than 'push', meaning that copies pull improvements from the hardware where the modify was effected. Because this can be an Inter-site set up the replication traffic is going to be larger. You can use Efficiency Monitor, Function Log, or perhaps Network Monitor to check how much traffic you are having. Time required to replicate directory info between domain name controllers is known as the duplication latency. Duplication latency can differ depending on the volume of domain remotes, the number of sites, the obtainable bandwidth between sites, replication frequency, and even more. Active Directory automatically forms the most effective intersite replication topology using information you provide through Active Directory Sites and Services with regards to your site links. The directory site stores this information as internet site link objects. One domain name controller per site can be assigned to develop the topology; this is called the intersite topology generator. The intersite replication topology is up to date regularly to respond to any improvements that result from the network. You can control intersite duplication through the information you give when you build your site links. By monitoring replication regularly you will be able to determine the normal duplication latency on your network. Get back information, it is simple to determine if problems is occurring. Also you can manually pressure the duplication by running repadmin /syncall...