Essay regarding Tv Stations Project India in a Bad Light

TV Channels project India in a negative light

Recently the rise of consumerism and a spurt in the number of satellites in the vicinity of our planet have triggered rise in the amount of TV Channels as well as their viewers across the nation. We have specialized channels that cater to different categories of human taste viz entertainment, music, news, athletics, etc .

The wider accessibility to channels will help the audience to opt among them as per his or her choice. The news stations which are clubbed together all in all ‘media' is among the pillars of democracy. It's the moral responsibility of these news channels to create the truth before the masses. Referring to our region, a country which is second largest in the world in the conditions of human population and the greatest effective canton is truly an exemplar of democracy. Like any other country, it is also packed with issues-both domestic and also of intercontinental concerns. These news programs bear the social responsibility of providing the news, the happenings, the incidents or accidents that ought to be nothing but the facts. Also the RTI Work empowers any common Indian citizen to the depths of affairs and possess access to info povide its disclosure will not pose a grave menace to the secureness and ethics of the nation. The ‘truer' picture at times become harsh and pretty inconvenient to become comestible nevertheless scandals and also other activities of corruption should be brought to general awareness. And, it is not only the darker aspect of affairs, it is also about the achievements and the milestones the country makes in the numerous spheres-sports, science, humanities, etc . We have a number of programmes on the national tv set that are focused towards the cultural and economic welfare-be it related to the promotion of agriculture, travel, industry, services, etc . Besides there are programmmes which emphasize the international locations prosperity, their geographical and cultural selection and also inspire communal harmony.

The consumer oriented...