Essay about The Unmanageable Star Performer

With this week's document, we learned about Vijay Kumar, the handling partner by Leman Highlander and Business Mumbai workplace. Vijay is known as a star musician, praised pertaining to his capacity to attract significant clients and grow the bottom line of the business. Unfortunately, he can also turn into known as a hothead, perfectionist and dictator fantastic employees are finding it very hard to improve him, consequently leading to a 34% proceeds rate.

If I were Stefan, I would notify the truth to Vijay and promote what I discovered in talking to his team. The key part of any leadership role is not merely about attracting the right people – more importantly, it is regarding keeping these people. He has made it to ensure that his employees fear him rather than respect him and he has neglected one of the most basic needs of any professional – the need for a delicate work/life harmony, the need to think motivated and inspired plus the need to love what you do.

I would reference the corporate principles and illustrate the need to appeal to and keep personnel. Vijay made it so the organization isn't only losing useful employees, require employees are now going to the competition with an insider's scoop showing how Leman functions. And since they may have severed ties, they may be expressing negative circumstances to prospects in ongoing product sales cycles, particularly if they end up in a competitive sales cycle against Leman. They also may be posting items online regarding the organization and its particular work environment which could truly hinder the level of expertise that they are in a position to attract continue.

I would not fire Vijay as he provides proven to be a valuable asset for the company. Nevertheless , I would want to get an understanding from Vijay about why he could be leading in such an extreme manner. Probably he does not actually appreciate being in leadership? If that is the circumstance, I would demand that this individual moves right into a sales role, responsible for a few of the largest, most strategic accounts and allow him just to focus on closing business. This could support...