Essay about The Great Schism between The italian capital and Constantinople

Anna Ganser

Period 6


The schism between the Roman Catholics and the Orthodox Christians was mainly brought on by heresy, where the Orthodox Patriarchs deposed Pope Nicholas in 867 VOTRE, the difference in language as well caused controversy over the oneness of one cathedral so the Orthodox requested that there become two patriarchs, also when the Roman Church separated by itself by the pretensions and became a monarchy without the further consultations from the Greeks. Also, the issues that surfaced after the time of the unique schism had been more important to maintain the divided between the two churches.

Doc 5 is based on how the Patriarch Photius of Constantinople composed a notice with charges against the Pere in 867 CE which in turn doubted his knowledge in the Church as well as the Gospel. The document claims, " Patriarch Photius of Constantinople, a letter to the Orthodox Patriarchs with expenses against the Pope", most of the document was drafted in a inhospitable manner. Additionally , document several states that without any proof or disputes drawn from a Holy Scripture they simply agree to union with Rome, which does not mean they are really supporters of another region instead of their own, it basically means they are prounionists. In other words we were holding being misjudged over the reality they did not need proof, similar to how they charged Pope Nicholas. Document several was in a tone that made the Byzantine diplomat from the Authorities of Lyons who wrote seem upset. Accordingly, doc 8 article 6 says that according to Latin heresy anybody fails to follow rules they are punished. Furthermore, the Great Cathedral appointed teachers to bring back Christian believers from the Latina heresy. Which document's viewpoint is of a great Orthodox Slavic kingdom in East Central Europe.

Issues after the date of the first schism had been more important to maintain the break up between the two churches, for instance, on record 6 chinese difference is actually...