Essay about The Barbie Doll

The Barbie Girl doll: Perfect in an Imperfect Community

Imagine long blonde locks, perfect color skin, a tall thin body with perfect measurements and clothing that only highlight the perfect features. It might be hard, or not possible, to bring to mind a human being whom could fit these attributes. If I were to say, long blonde frizzy hair, perfect color skin, a tall, slimmer body with perfect measurements and clothes that only showcase her plastic-type body, what comes to mind at this point? Young children have received Barbie plaything as presents for many years. Often the buyer of those toys just pay attention that it can be just a plaything, something any kind of young child would like to play with. Barbie, although, probably should not just be seen as just a gadget, but likewise poor affect on kid's body image. A large number of factors of Barbie have an effect on how a child can perceive body image. The Barbie's human body measurements and proportion, and overall appearance can easily all be factors in damaging young kid's self-image.

We live in a world exactly where no a couple are the same. Persons come in all sizes and shapes, whether that is weight related or perhaps height related, however , Barbie only comes in one size. With the physique measurements of Barbie getting 36-18-33, talking about bust, waist and sides, many children begin to feel that this is actually the correct skin image. The question is, for what reason would we wish to supply a young generation with a doll which they are very likely to idolize, nevertheless can never reach her physical appearance? Authors Dittmar, Halliwell and Ive's exploration (2006) located that ladies who were encountered with Barbie's in a young age, were found to have reduced self-esteem together with a desire to have a thinner human body (p. 284). This analysis supports my personal position the fact that Barbie plaything promotes kids to believe why these small measurements are necessary to have a good body image. It is important to teach children there is not one particular body type which is correct which everyone may have different amounts, but that's what...

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