Essay regarding The 411 on 911 1 .

THE 411 ON 911 1 . " Denial kills people. Yes, you could be having a heart attack or a stroke, whether or not you're only 39 or perhaps in good shape or a vegetarian. ” —Dennis Rowe, paramedic, Knoxville, Tennessee

2 . " May call us for a broken little finger. If there isn't a real crisis, you've merely clogged up the system. ” —Arthur Hsieh, paramedic, San Francisco

3. " Your emergency isn't necessarily each of our emergency. Inside my region, we send an mat for all phone calls, but we don't use the sirens until it's Code 1, which means someone's blood loss or having chest pain or shortness of breath—basically things you could expire from over the following five minutes. ” —Connie She, RN, paramedic, Olathe, Kansas

4. " Don't hang up the phone after you inform us what's incorrect. The agent may be conditioned to give you guidelines in CPR and other medical procedures that could be lifesaving. ” —Dennis Rowe, paramedic

AN SECOURS ISN'T A ELEGANT TAXI a few. " In a true unexpected emergency, we're not going to drive 30 miles towards the hospital that takes your insurance when there's a good one two miles away. But if there are numerous ERs in your area, know what kind you prefer because we might inquire. Find out where your doctor techniques, where the local trauma middle is, and which medical center has the finest cardiac centre. ” —Connie Meyer, REGISTERED NURSE, paramedic 6th. " In most cases, we aren't transport somebody who doesn't when you go. Uncle Eddie may be since sick as a dog, but since he says this individual doesn't like to get in an ambulance, we need to admiration his wishes. ” —Arthur Hsieh, paramedic

7. " If the patient is steady, and 97 percent happen to be, there's no cause to drive sixty miles 1 hour on city streets. Maybe you have ever attempted to put an IV in to someone's adjustable rate mortgage in the back of a speeding mat? ” —Don Lundy, paramedic

YES, WE ALL KNOW YOU'RE WAITING … AND WAITING eight. " We all hate this too! Nevertheless don't be furious at us. If you're waiting, will be certainly one purpose: We're away of bedrooms. ” —Jeri Babb, REGISTERED NURSE, Des Moines, Iowa

9. " The busiest period starts around 6 g. m.; Monday are the most detrimental. We're slowest...