Essay about Swot Examination of Volvo


Sony Organization is a multinational corporation based in Minato, Tokyo Asia. Commonly called as Fiat, is a innovator in electronics, video, interaction and IT consumer products. They are in financial services which includes AEGON Volvo life insurance, Sony Bank, Fiat Bank Securities, Sony Financial holdings and so forth Sony started in 1946 by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka. The products happen to be divided into half a dozen categories Audio tracks, Video, Tv sets, Information and communication, Semiconductors and Electronic components. Volvo employs 171, 300 by March 2009 and their product sales and working revenue for 2008 was estimated being around six, 730, 000 million yen (www.sony.net). Primary Competency

Relating to Hamel & Prahalad cited in Masrani (n. d), key competencies certainly are a " package of abilities and technology that enables a firm to provide a particular benefit to customers”. For Sony the core competency is the Miniaturization of products. Miniaturization

Relating to merriam-webster (n. d) miniaturization is described as " to design or perhaps construct in small size”. In the Electronic devices Industry little is always fabulous, fast and profitable. Miniaturization played an important role in Sony achievement. Sony successfully developed and capitalized on the miniaturization improvements and collected good rewards (Hess, 1991). Hara (n. d) talks about the height of success of miniaturization in the invention of Walkman, a music device which has entirely changed just how people listens to music. This helped the company to find a worldwide id and uniqueness. This id was not able to be replicated by any rivals corporations in the world. The miniaturization items include transistor radio, videotape recorder, floppy disk, DISC player, digital VCR and flat display high definition TV. Volvo is able to adhere on the core expertise and is capable to produce smaller products. Most current products consist of Play train station, XPERIA X10 mobile into their product line. Strategic Advantage

Volvo capitalized its core competency by making miniature product which helped them earn a global company image. Not simply producing small they also was able to produce these people of good quality. Sony distributed its wings worldwide and has a presence in more than two hundred countries. Diversified physical reach helped them to gain competitive benefits over its competitors. The brand Image that they can gained not simply helped them to enter new markets yet also helped them to gain bargaining electrical power with their suppliers. This is achieved by its very quality smaller products that become a a part of every home. Sony success in expansion also financial institution on it is strong R& D department. The strong workforce ideal for the innovative of technology in order to provide cool product to sustain the number one position. Smart brands like Sony provided everything the customers expect in order to avoid the inducement by competition. Sony biggest power will be their Customer devotion. Sony uses its manufacturer and top quality products to gain Customer commitment. A recent study shows that about 60% with the current PS2 users are interested to buy the newest PS3 by Sony. This brand loyalty is definitely the highest among the list of industry players and helps these to gain advantage over their very own competitors. In order to increase the consumer bottom and their dedication, Sony released online service to connect its products to customers in November 2009. The customers can down load needed movies and online games directly from this service (Kageyama, 2009). SWOT Analysis


Brand Graphic

Sony's primary strength is definitely its company image. The company has existence in all the major countries. The Sony company is well regarded amongst every one of the consumers. The rand name awareness of the company is all likewise really good and is also recognized in all the major market segments. According to the Harris Interactive election on customer brands in america, Sony ranked number one during the 2001-2007 period. Sony as well positioned as number one from the brand power...