Essay about Supply Cycle Strategies For Lucban Tiles Centre


Source Chain Administration Strategies of

Lucban Tiles Middle in

Lucban, Quezon

Velena, Asher Jethro O.

Villaruel. John Paolo

Vidal, Stella

Villaverde, Marlette G.

March 24, 2014


Ceramic tiles have been a popular material pertaining to interior and exterior decor due to their aesthetic appeal, as well as their sturdiness and easy treatment. There are some benefits associated with using ceramic tiles such as cleanliness and flexibility, fire and water resistance. For this reason tiles are used in complexes, churches and mosques, eating places and shops, hospitals and homes. Tiles can also work with as cover to wall space and floor surfaces, roofs and pavements, furniture and stoves and Lucban Tiles Centre has been dedicated to provide the individuals with quality and complete home finishing products by including diverse brand of ground tiles, bathroom wares and PVC Doorways. Building business and household infrastructures in Lucban and nearby city is quickly growing and one of components used happen to be tiles. Due to this, the demand for tiles boost that's why Lucban Tiles Centre was established by Mr Anthony Marquez, a retailer of home concluding materials and accessories. It is only established in Lucban that focused in tiles and related goods like bathroom accessories such as water wardrobe, showers, lavatories doors, toilet etc . This started with a humble beginning in 2002 as being a floor ceramic tiles retail store in Balintawak Streets, Brgy 7 Lucban, Quezon. In 2008 they put up another shop in Rizal, Avenue Lucban, Quezon. By today Lucban Ceramic tiles Center is usually stable and successfully operating business.


One of the most significant changes in the paradigm of modern business management is the fact individual businesses no longer compete as entirely autonomous entities, but rather while supply stores. Effective source chain supervision (SCM) has turned into a potentially useful way of protecting competitive benefits and improving organizational performance since competition is no longer among organizations, yet among supply chains.

Source Chain Administration is a pair of approaches employed to efficiency combine suppliers, suppliers, warehouses and stores, in order that merchandise is usually produce and distribute on the right volumes, to the correct location to the right time, to be able to minimize system-wide costs whilst satisfying the service level requirement (Simchi-Levi, et 's., 2000). We are able to identify the provision chain network through the information we get through the owner of the company beginning from the merchant (Lucban Ceramic tiles Center) to the manufacturer.

This supply chain network is contains supplier/manufacturer, distributor, retailer, end-user. In totality, there are 18 manufacturers which supplies products to 3 distributors and distribute the merchandise to Lucban Tiles Center and butes the products to Lucban Ceramic tiles Center and offer products to a different retailer which usually sell for the customers.

Particularly, Well Residence Ventures and Dev't Corp distribute items from 5 different producers, the Emerald green Corp. W. O. A. Bldg. and Home DГ©cor Product, Shide Plastic Windows Door Corp., Ltd, and Italia and then supply this to Lucban Tiles Middle. BJ Commercial Trading (3PL) distributes items only from a single manufacturer which is the Regal Tern Ceramics Phil., Incorporation. then source to Lucban Tiles Middle. The last supplier, Century Universe Marketing distributes products by 6 distinct manufacturers which can be, Hocheng Phil., Corp., Mikasa Royal Crown, Maxtenic, Soho, Master, and in addition Royal Tern Ceramics Phil., Inc. then supply to Lucban Ceramic tile Center.

There are several manufacturers who also directly supplies products to Lucban Floor tile centers without passing for the distributor. These firms are, Ecorock Corp, Kent Vinyl Tiles, Caesar Normal ceramic Corp Formosa Ceramic Tiles Corp, Eurotiles Professional Corp., Artes Myer Phil cannella. Inc., Allgemenie-Bau-Chemie Phil., Inc, and...