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Summary of Main Points from the document: Reading through the Drop: Poetics of Identification and Yeats's " Leda and the Swan” – Janet Neigh Jeremy identifies with Leda and her connection with sexist victimization allowing her to explore how Leda may symbolize the female-identified reader trying to establish agency by a textual content that in its representation of rape undermines her company as a female. The sonnet seems to explore the area of feminist and postcolonial power constructions, and yet the politics advanced by the composition remain unklar due to its violence and its open-ended conclusion Through the character of Leda, one can possibly interpret Yeats negotiating his political investments in Western civilization as a great Irish imperialiste subject symbolically raped by simply England The poem after that can be examine both as a political assertion about Ireland's precarious (post) colonial scenario in the 1920s and a press release about sexual politics, recommending the inseparability of these two forms of domination. The notion of Identification as a form of internalization that incorporates inside what is outside the personal. Fuss states that since identification shows the intersections between electric power and desire it offers methods to re-imagine " how subjects act upon a single another” in non-dominating method " unexpected blow” - extends the feeling of Leda's victimization towards the reader Composition as a great allegory intended for colonial assault

Conveys a resistance to colonial time occupation; actually after the violence, Leda (Ireland) manages to stay on her toes (" wings beating” – swan is still flying, lifting Leda off the ground – contrasted to her " staggering” following the " sudden blow” Pinpoints with both Leda and the Swan

Swan: hybridity of the swan, as both equally masculine and feminine as well as creature and divine, coerces readers to identify while using figure Perpetuated victimization of Leda pushes the reader to distinguish with Leda The effect of this double id engenders an emotional identification of my personal complicity while using...