Essay regarding Suggesting Product sales Strategy for Converting Newly Introduced Product Into Successful Company

Internship Report


" Recommending Sales Strategy for Converting Newly Launched Product into Effective Brand”


Berger Chemicals (BD) Ltd


Prepared by:

Brand: Abdur Rahim ID: 0321009 Program: BBA Semester: Summer-2007

Submission Date: September 06, 2007

Impartial University, Bangladesh


Particular date: Sep six, 2007 To Mr. Tahlil Azim Assistant Professor College Of Business Independent School, Bangladesh Subject: Submission of Internship Survey. Dear Sir, With a great immense pleasure, I would like to transmit my Internships Report titled, ‘An in depth analysis upon sales strategies should be used to convert newly released products of Berger Chemicals (BD) Limited. into good brands' to fulfill the requirement of BBA Program. I am incredibly delight to share you that working on this internship report has presented me a a comprehensive portfolio of exposure. To get ready this statement, I have encountered extensive in person interviews with professionals and also customers. It has taught myself the value of tolerance, and provides given us a higher insight on the level of communication inside the practical world. In every part of the survey, I have tried to make an honest endeavor to present it nearly as good combination of my own knowledge, intellect and the details gathering. It is highly enjoyment for me to obtain you being a supervision of my thesis work. We admit that you just gave me correct direction, required guidelines and physical support that managed to get possible too such complicated deed. My spouse and i express my special honor to you intended for dedicating the valuable as well as helping myself whenever I needed. I believe that without the proper assistance, I could not complete this kind of report in such a discipline method. At the time of preparing this survey, some faults may come up; hope that you will consider these flaws favorably. Yours sincerely ----------------Abdur Rahim IDENTIFICATION: 0321009



Internships report is vital for our academic curriculum. It bestows us a golden opportunity to learn on any topic. I believe it's a wonderful opportunity for organization students to boost themselves. 1st, all good remarks and appreciation to immutable Allah, the most gracious, one of the most kind and merciful that has turned my effort into a great accomplishment. I would like to convey my genuine and profound sense of appreciation for all the people who helped me to prepare this record. I want to shell out my honor to Mister. Nazim Uddin Helali, Standard Manager (CF and J& N), and Mrs. Taslima Hoque, Supervisor, Human Resources intended for letting myself to accomplish my Internee plan at Bergerot Paints(BD) Limited. My thanks is to my personal internship manager Mr. Tahlil Azim, Assistant Professor, University of Organization, Independent University or college, Bangladesh intended for his dearness cooperation and valuable period towards boosting the knowledge of the fact and preparing this kind of report. My debt to Mr. Nazrul Islam, Department Manager, Chittagong sales workplace has permitted me to perform internship in Chittagong Product sales. I i am thankful for the management of BERGER CHEMICALS (BD) LIMITED. for offering me agreement to have cost-free access to all their managerial people with good faith. We convey my personal special because of Mr. Sabuj Swapan Barua, Area Revenue Manager, Ornamental, Mr. Syed Aminul Islam, Sales Expert, Decorative, Mister. Pratap Mitra Barua, Product sales Officer, Attractive, Mr. Akter Hossain, Accounts officer, Mister. Ziaul Hossain Sikdar, Color Consultant, and Berger House Décor. Mr. Anamul Islam, Sales Support Officer who have gave me their thought and concepts about the works and features of the office during my initial investigation and requirement research meetings they helped me by providing their time and access to the paper works and also other constraints. Finally thanks to Mr. Tahlil Azim, my manager once again, pertaining to his guidance and support throughout the whole report planning and for sparing his valuable time to read my report and rendering...