Essay about Steinway  Sons case study

BUS4006W Module: Change Asking

Assignment one particular – Being handed in on 13 May 2014.

Please go through Application 5-1 (STEINWAY'S PROPER ORIENTATION).

The CEO of Steinway & Kids has approached you.

This individual invited you for a primary conversation to see if you would be able to assist him while using challenges he is currently facing in the business.

You had an hour or so meeting with him. During this time this individual elaborated around the following:

The fact that he is actually passionate about the effort that they carry out and that he actually loves the piano organization. His concern that this might be a perishing trade.

He's worried the fact that workers will be joining other companies, where they are often receiving higher salaries, but these companies will not provide the top quality of training and artisan support that they have at Steinway & Sons. He'd like you to help and find out so why people are going out of and what they can perform to stop this kind of.

Your impression of the conversation was that he's concerned and seems happy to give his support along the way.

You will need to write a proposal to him as a prospective client. In order to pre-empt the part that you would like him to play, in the event you work together, you also have to refer for the different asking approaches.

You know that he will not need a lot of time to read through a lengthy winded discussion, yet concurrently you want to choose a points plainly and provide him with adequate information help to make a decision and understand what the task may entail into the future.

Your proposal needs to be well bundled and not exceed 4 webpages.

(Use Arial Font, typeface size doze, line space 1, 5)