Essay regarding Standardisation Vs . Adaptation

MSc. International Organization Master Thesis No 2005: 11

Standardisation versus Edition:

A Study with the Factors Starting and Influencing the Process of Ideal Migration An instance Study of MalacoLeaf

Anne Marte Bergersen René Zierfuss

Graduate Business School School of Economics and Commercial Law Göteborg University ISSN 1403-851X Printed by: Elanders Novum ABS 2 Marte Bergersen René Zierfuss

Subjective Despite almost eight decades of debate on the topic of international web marketing strategy standardisation/adaptation, the topic of strategic immigration has yet to be investigated. It is this deficit that has spurred the authors to study this trend. As such, this study is exploring the process of proper migration within a firm's worldwide marketing strategy, with all the purpose of examining, describing and assessing the factors that initiate and influence this. In order to achieve this, three analysis questions were asked: About what degree perform firms migrate between worldwide marketing strategies inside the framework of standardisation and adaptation? How can the process of tactical migration transpire? Why do firms embark on the process to migrate coming from a standard to an adapted international marketing strategy, or the other way round? This analyze takes an abductive exploration approach by using a number of transdisciplinary theoretical principles, including Ideal Change, Standardisation/Adaptation, and Factors Affecting Standardisation/Adaptation, to create a theoretical framework. The empirical component to this study undertakes a great in-depth exploration of a single-case company, MalacoLeaf, where the strategic migration of just one of the key tactical brands is described when it comes to the content, method and circumstance of proper migration. In confronting theoretical propositions resistant to the empirical analysis findings, this kind of study found that in terms of the content, solely the merchandise components of the firm's international marketing strategy went through migration via a standard to an designed strategy. Additionally , the study found that the process of strategic migration must be seen as a chain of interrelated situations with different elements influencing the task at several stages. This kind of study also found that, in terms of context, it was not a single factor that initiated or perhaps influenced the firm to migrate strategies but a combination of multiple elements. Based on this kind of study's results, the creators present a conceptualisation in the process of proper migration, demonstrating the interrelationship of multifarious factors that may impact a firm's decision to move strategies. These findings are actually very useful and can serve as a foundation and solid incentive to get subsequent exploration on the subject of strategic migration.

Keywords: International, Online strategy, Standardisation, Adaptation, Process of Proper Migration a few Marte Bergersen René Zierfuss

Acknowledgments In an effort to complete this study we certainly have received the support that help of many persons. We are very fortunate to acquire been given a chance to get to meet new people and to function again with those all of us already know. We would first like to thank Mr. Roger Schweizer for his invaluable guidance throughout the research process. We truly appreciate the time and effort he has taken to assistance all of us when needed. The professionalism and spirited support helped us to produce a record we are happy with. We are also thankful to Mr. Jan-Erik Vahlne pertaining to encouraging us to carry out this kind of challenging examine in the first place. His knowledge and comments have been completely greatly liked. We would love to say thanks to Mr. Rugs Jornell and Mr. Henrik Billing by MalacoLeaf, for bestowing us with this project and taking the time to aid us throughout the study. Were truly pleased that they supported our capacity to produce this sort of a meaningful report. Without them this research would have not need been while interesting and are truly thankful.


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