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This article is about the assumptive concept. For social networking sites, observe social networking service. A social network diagram displaying friendship jewelry between a couple of Facebook users. Social network evaluation (SNA) may be the methodical evaluation of social networks. Social network evaluation views social relationships with regards to network theory, consisting of nodes (representing person actors in the network) and ties (which represent human relationships between the people, such as a friendly relationship, kinship, company position, sexual relationships, etc . )[1][2] These networks are often represented in a online social network diagram, exactly where nodes are represented because points and ties will be represented as lines. Social network analysis offers emerged being a key approach in modern sociology. It has also received a significant next in anthropology, biology, interaction studies, economics, geography, info science, company studies, interpersonal psychology, and sociolinguistics. People have used thinking about " cultural network" loosely for over a hundred years to connote complex sets of relationships between people of cultural systems in any way scales, via interpersonal to international[citation needed]. In 1954, J. A. Barnes started using the term methodically to denote patterns of connections, encompassing ideas traditionally employed by the public and the ones used by social scientists: bordered groups (e. g., people, families) and social types (e. g., gender, ethnicity). Scholars just like S. G. Berkowitz, Stephen Borgatti, Ronald Burt, Kathleen Carley, Matn Everett, Katherine Faust, Linton Freeman, Draw Granovetter, David Knoke, David Krackhardt, Peter Marsden, Nicholas Mullins, Anatol Rapoport, Stanley Wasserman, Barry Wellman, Douglas R. White colored, and Harrison White extended the use of systematic social network examination.[3] Connections

Homophily: The magnitude to which celebrities form ties with identical versus dissimilar others....