Essay about Soc one hundred twenty Check Level Week six

CheckPoint Week 7 Urbanization Trends



Dec 7, 2012

Nicole Taylor

Gate Week 7 Urbanization Developments

As people living in poor areas much more of a rural setting believe it is harder and harder to find ways to feed their families they tend to advance to the city in search of work, survival and the optimism a better existence. When all the natural methods have been utilized in an area, one has no choice but to move if they are going to survive. Urbanization can be caused by immigration of people to the area that cannot support all the people that migrate. As well people who are frustrated or wanting more away of your life will also migrate to see what they can find through being with more people and having more out of life. " All future population progress will occur in urban areas, the two from all-natural increase (births over deaths) and country to city migration. ” (Population Connection, 2012). Lagos is a poor city in Nigeria exactly where urbanization provides occurred for the reason that population of Lagos has increased. People commenced moving to Lagos due to economic options, the appeal of the town, of a better life, in order to obtain supply of providers needed that may not be seen in countryside areas such as medical / health facilities, education, community facilities and because in the country areas around Lagos the population had increased yet the farming supplies utilized to support more and more people and decreased pushing people to maneuver from other areas in Nigeria to Lagos. The building of more sections of the city to accommodate each of the people who had migrated presently there along with urban centers usually in or near to the center from the city. While more people migrated generally there the need for more housing increased. (Griffin, 1967) (Worldbank. org, 2012)

(Worldbank. org, 2012)

Lagos, Nigeria, Africa's second fastest growing city for 4. 44% a year. With this increase in population and with export products of goods and services showing an increase even so not one that...

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