Essay regarding Shield of Achilles

The Defend of Achilles

W. They would. Auden

1 .  Central Feeling/Themes

A Accommodement between the cultured and civilized world and the corrupt and oppressed universe War

Too little of freedom and independence

Sketching the line among reality as well as the image a single chooses to see The irony of what something that looks marvelous (what Thetis sees) is actually disastrous (what Hephaestos shows on the shield)

2 . What are the results

- Thetis goes to Hephaestos to create a shield for her invincible, " iron-hearted", " man-slaying" son, Achilles. - She expects to see prosperous " well-governed" cities, but the lady sees an absence of freedom and an artificial sense of wilderness. -- There is a place, which is " bare and brown", without sense of life where where a large number of people who was missing the ability to believe for themselves, had gathered to listen to the orders of a " voice without a face" - She needs to see a celebration, a ritual complete with trankopfer an g a sacrifice, but instead, on the church she observed as 3 prisoners, destined and gagged were to be openly executed. -- An accepted and silent sight, the prisoners had quit much prior to they passed away. They don't expect support and they failed to get it. - She recognizes a young women and men, growing, having a fantastic time and grooving, but they acquired no party area, no nurture, no support, only an uncared for " weed-choked field" - A homeless gentleman takes rasurado and betrayal for granted and can't picture a your life with take pleasure in, compassion and friendship - Thetis views all this which is dismayed. Because the quintessential motherly like and foster, she are not able to accept the shield which will portrays the actual and displays the truth about her " iron-hearted, man-slaying" son who has sure to " certainly not live long"

3. Images/Metaphors

1 . The first image is that of the well-governed city. At first the city looks successful (the large quantity of pampre and olive trees) and " well-governed" (spic and span marbled buildings). Ships sail on " untamed seas" -- the quest for knowledge. The word " untamed" also makes reference...