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Quiz Distribution - Each week Test 02—Organisational Environments and Cultures

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Question one particular

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What are both types of external organisational environments?

open public and private

market-specific and the product-specific

organisational plus the interpersonal

global and the national

general as well as the specific

Problem 2

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With regards to external organisational environments, the ____ environment affects all organisations even though the ____ environment is unique to each company.

basic; specific

customer-driven; production-driven

simple; formal

global; national

particular; general

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Issue 3

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Most events outside a company which have the potential to influence or affect that occur in the ____ environment.






Question 4

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Which will of the subsequent is a form of company most likely to be facing a energetic environment?

a manufacturer of pet meals

a brewery, winery, or distillery in the liquor market

a video video game manufacturer

a bakery

a cereal maker

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Question 5

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According to the ____, companies move through long, simple periods of environmental steadiness, followed by short, complex durations of powerful, fundamental environmental change, concluding with a go back to environmental balance.

environmental circuit

theory of resource shortage

punctuated equilibrium theory

environmental change theory

theory of environmental dynamics

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Question 6

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Changes in any sector in the general environment _____.

will certainly typically certainly not impact many organisations

are likely to slow down how quickly an enterprise moves through the environmental circuit

influence clients first after which suppliers

inhibit the development process

will certainly eventually affect most organisations.

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Question 7

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Which of the following is a component of Cokes' specific environment and will directly influence just how it does organization?



laws regarding waste disposal

the increased demand for energy drinks

the development of vending machines that accept free e cards

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Question almost 8

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Which from the following is known as a component of a book publisher's standard environment and will indirectly affect how it does business?

different book creating companies

an advocacy group supporting free books for youngsters

a craze toward much less leisure time

porn material laws

conventional paper and ink suppliers

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Question 9

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Which in turn of the following is the LEAST aggressive procedure likely to be used by an proposal group?

item boycotts

class action lawsuits

media advocation


community communications

Query 10

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Managers often want to use business confidence indices ______.

while predictors of future monetary activity when creating business decisions

to improve buyer confidence predictions

to identify sociocultural trends

to encourage clients to make long lasting buying decisions

which are based upon intuition and experience

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Question 11

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Two homebuilders will be building homes in near by subdivisions. The first is offering 2500 square metre distances homes with two-acre blocks. The various other is offering the same size of house with quarter-acre blocks. The builder providing the smaller plenty cannot keep up with demand. The builder offering the larger tons has a lot of unsold homes. The contractor with the greater lots would use ____ to ascertain why his homes are generally not selling.

market information

proactive customer monitoring

reactive client monitoring

a competitive location study

customer confidence predictions

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