Essay regarding Questions: Exploring Personal Sights




1 . Some people think the foreign site visitors should be incurred more than the local visitors after they visit the cultural and historical attractions internationally. To what magnitude do you concur or differ? 2 . A lot of people think that dangerous sports ought to be banned, although others think the people should have freedom to pick sports activities. Go over both opinions and give your opinion. 3、Some people believe zoos happen to be cruel and everything the zoos should be sealed. However , some individuals think zoos are useful to guard the uncommon animals. Discuss both these views and give the opinion. (9. 29新增) 2013年9-12月常规性预测题库:�

说明:绿色部分降低重视,时间不够的话可以不用看。 1、Most of the big cities are overpopulated. So why do persons still go on to big cities? Give your thoughts and opinions and good examples. \\ In various countries big cities turn into very congested. What are the reasons and solutions for this problem, in your thoughts and opinions? 2、 There are plenty of options available pertaining to spreading reports, such as newspapers, radio, TV SET, Internet and so forth. According on your opinion precisely what is the best multimedia to use? Why? 3、 Several animal varieties such as dinosaurs and inertie become wiped out because of normal processes. So , it is not essential to try and prevent this by happening. Do you agree or perhaps disagree? \\There are many vanished species in the world nowadays. Many people say we should protect these animals coming from dying away, while others claim we should put emphasis more about problems of human beings. Talk about both viewpoints and give your own view. 4、More and more teenagers hold essential positions in government. Some individuals think it is not suitable but others believe otherwise. Talk about both landscapes and give the own judgment. � 5、 Police in some countries just like England may carry weapons. Some people avoid approve of this because they presume that law enforcement with firearms gives all of them security. Other folks think that authorities carrying firearms decreases criminal offenses. What is your judgment? Give relevant examples and experiences. //Some people feel that a police force carrying...