quality of life Study Paper

п»їAn Empirical Study on Marriage Quality of Life and Work Involvement Selahattin Kantena,,,

Omer Sadullahb

a Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Zeliha Tolunay Higher College Of Applied Technology and Management, Burdur 15000, Chicken b Turki University, School Of Organization, Istanbul 34000, Turkey


Literature about Quality of Work Life (QWL) is limited and several studies typically correlates with a few variables but no analyze on QWL has connected with work engagement. This analysis investigates the association between quality of life and work engagement. The goals of this study are: (a) to investigate and determine interactions between QWL and job engagement; (b) to assess the work proposal of blue collar workers and light collar workers; (c) to compare the QWL perceptions of green collar employees and light collar personnel in a huge sized Turkish marble company toward this kind of topic. With this context, analyze conducted in a marble manufacturing plant in Burdur which is one of the greatest export organization of Poultry. Results showed that there was significant associations between dimension of QWL and work engagement. Appropriately; (a) QWL affect function engagement; (b) work diamond level of blue-collar employees distinguishes from white-collar employees; (c) blue scruff of the neck employees' perceptions of QWL differentiates via white training collar employees.

Study of Quality of Work Lifestyle (QWL) in Unionized and nonunionized Agencies

Sarang Shankar Bhola

Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil Company of Supervision Studies & Research

February 25, 2013

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QWL is a shared responsibility of management and workers and recently this represents significant dimension in industrial associations. Present research is a relative study of prevailing QWL between, sample unionized and nonunionized businesses. The study delivers afloat awareness about significant criteria of QWL among employees. Unionized and non- unionized organizations found being lagging lurking behind in...