Punic Wars Essay

Kiko Alonso

History 105

The Punic Wars were three several wars that were fought between your Rome and

Carthage and last over a total span of 1 hundred years. At this moment in history, these types of

had been some of the largest wars ever before, which included battles that were fought against by almost six-

figure forces. These were two of fastest growing cultures in the beginning from the

Punic Wars, with Rome managing much of Italy and Carthage growing through the

Traditional western Mediterranean. You should know these battles began was because both equally

empires were seeking to control Sicily.

The 1st Punic Warfare went via 264 BC to 261 BC, and consisted of

mostly nautico battles involving the two kingdoms around Sicily and Upper Africa. At this

level Carthage, that was led simply by Hannibal Bote, had a much stronger Navy, which usually

provided them a benefit in the initially war, whilst they suffered a big loss with the battle

of Agrigentum in 262 BC, which was a land battle. To avoid this happening again, the

Carthaginians tried to steer clear of land battle and give attention to fighting for the Mediterranean. They

do this simply by defeating the Romans in the Battle of the Lipari Destinations. Because of this The italian capital

wished to grow their Navy as soon as possible and did so by adding delivers, which gave

all of them over 100 total in an exceedingly quick length of time. This allowed them

continually beat Carthage generally, besides a significant loss in the battle of Tunis,

where they lost more than 10, 1000 of their infantry. Cathage eventually signed a peace treaty

with Rome and agreed to expels Sicily pay Rome, which in turn meant they'd lost the

initial Punic Battle.

During the break of the first war, Carthage attempted to become expand its empire

into contemporary Spain. Once Hannibal experienced attacked the Hispanic city of Saguntum, and

as well trekked through northern Italy, the Second Punic War had begun. This is in 218

BC, and Hannibal was able to...