Essay about Post went out with letter


Mr. Joel Hilchey

McMaster University

April 30, 2012

Dear Joel,

I am happy to i want to thank helping me personally to obtain top marks in Executive and Sociable responsibility (4A03) course. I was really pleased on the way you handled the discussions and our class, in general; hence, I was really inspired and motivated to exert my own best in just about every task I had to do to get the class. And my diligence and determination has repaid. I got the very best grade likely!

I can really say that We am pleased with my successes. Seeing the A made me feel optimistic. Nevertheless, more than the grade, I am even more proud of the training I obtained during this term. And truth is told, I possess truly discovered a lot with this course such as the importance of the creativity associated with an individual with this competitive world and the courage to ask inquiries when you are in doubt.

However , more than the academic element, I have discovered the value of work and dedication. I learned that it is only by exerting my own best hard work that I can definitely excel which truth would not only apply in my studies but also in the different aspects of my entire life.

I addition, I also discovered my personal strengths and weaknesses. I have since learned I am good at crucial thinking, organizing and handling multiple jobs at one time. Although despite my positive area, I now know that I am not a perfect person and I cannot be 1. Therefore , I ought to not be disheartened if I are unsuccessful at some items. My failures should also not really hinder myself from seeking again because if there is one thing My spouse and i am best at, it truly is in getting into something new and learning it. I may certainly not excel at every thing, but the most significant thing is the fact that that I tried out.

First and foremost, this course has helped me value education even more. I have right now realized the fact of what my parents usually told me, that my education is really my personal investment for the future. It toughens me and prepares me to face the hardship and challenges which i will confront when I become an adult. 4A03 has not just...