Essay about Proposal

Breathalyzer Empowered Ignition Move



Todd Borrowman

Robert Wilson

TA: Rob Bruggemmann

I. Introduction

Subject:  Breathalyzer Empowered Ignition Switch.

Drunk driving and alcohol related accidents will be serious challenges in today's world leading to more deaths in America than any other factors behind death. This system will act as a guard, ensuring that you are driving a car with a sober mind.  This project is definitely exciting as a result of impact it may have within the car sector and the increase in safety features pertaining to the typical consumer.


Each of our goal is always to utilize a useful breathalyzer to interpret the BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of the customer. Then based upon state laws in which the end user resides, the system will send a sign to the combustion switch to allow the operation in the vehicle in case the user is usually legally dry.  This might be a wireless transmitting from the breathalyzer to the remote control switch using a transmission distance of up to 95 feet.  Since this could be a marketable merchandise, an added feature of selecting the customer's state will be included in so that it will take into account several limits. The full design enables a safe, quick and easy way to make certain one's sobriety and protection.  Blow and Go.


✓ zero guessing whether or not one is " safe" to drive

✓ avoid preventable accidents/driving safety

✓ avoid getting a DWI or perhaps DUI


✓ wireless transmission of signal about 100ft.

✓ light, small and portable

✓ easy to use

✓ selected point out is appreciated at each work with

II. Design and style

Block Picture: [pic]

Obstruct Descriptions:

Breathalyzer: The breathalyzer is an already shaped unit and may serve as the strategy to determine the user's BAC.  The unit itself is light-weight, ergonometric and simple to use.  It will be integrated with the Point out Selector as well as the Transmitter to be able to determine if a signal is to be provided for the In order to allow operation of the motor vehicle.

State Selectivo: The State Selectivo will be a straightforward programmable FPGA which will permit the user to choose his or her express in order to comply with that california's laws.  The program will be very user-friendly and steer clear of hindering the user by recalling the selected point out for each future use.

Comparator: The comparator will make a decision whether a sign is to be sent from the transmission device based on perhaps the BAC readout is over or below the acceptable limit as selected by the Express Selector characteristic.

Transmitter: The Transmitter will probably be an omni-directional antenna (LINX) which will permit the signal traveling at least 100ft and through the physique of the car without losing the essential information required for the device to understand the sign. This will require maintaining the strength and in addition overcoming randomly noise. It truly is this wifi technology that allows the user to switch on the move while walking to the car to save lots of time even though the breathalyzer is usually analyzing his / her results.

Recipient: The Receiver (LINX) will probably be internal for the car and it will capture the signal delivered by the Transmission device and give that info off towards the Ignition Routine.

Ignition Signal: The signal will make it is way to the Combustion Circuitry wherever it will induce a simple switch to complete the ignition's signal and allow procedure of the vehicle.  It will likely include a timer which will take care of the switch's status for several minutes offering the user time to enter the car and start the engine. The receiver plus the switch will certainly all elope of the car's battery. �

Performance Requirement:

We require the sign to be transmitted with for least the product range of 100ft through the different environments of parking lots and extraneous noises so that the recipient can still understand the provided signal.

The internal circuitry and receiver must be able to elope of the 12-VOLT battery offered from the car. Similarly, the hand-held unit need to draw every one of its power from...