Essay about Persuasive Speech

Imagine if you're a NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE running back and you increase the field for a big gain. The safety is there to meet you using a vicious headgear to motorcycle helmet hit. You wake up on the stretcher becoming carried to the locker place. The audience giving you a standing delire. You most likely possess suffered a concussion. Debauche are becoming a growing number of serious since today's athletes are becoming greater, faster, and stronger. Rules are becoming changed each year to try and make it safer. But would it be really safe? I am going to tell you my opinion in player safety.

I have watched sports my whole whole life. I have found many bad hits, your punches, tackles, elbows, you name it. If perhaps its involved with a sport ive most likely seen it. But as I had been younger I never really seriously considered the future associated with injuries into a player. Now that I'm older I see just what it does. There have been some players who have said in interviews that their memory goes or they are really depressed. Most signs of post concussion symptoms. There has been a couple of players who may have died or committed suicide because their brain was messed up by being struck so much.

The NFL is usually where you view the most debauche. The NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE has tried to make that safer simply by changing the apparatus to make it safer. They may have done more studies around the helmets to generate them absorb more distress and to guard the head even more. They also have altered the rules upon hitting. Players now get fined pertaining to hitting one more player. Players have been furious with this kind of rule modify but I agree with that. Players ought to stop worrying about trying to get on tv for a a nice touch and concentrate more within the fundamentals of football like safe dealing with. Yes I love seeing players get " jacked up” as they say in the news but their wellness is more important. The multimedia can help to by simply stop referring to hard strikes and rewarding players for it by putting them in the news. I love athletics more than anything at all! I actually wanted to enter into sports medication so I may help find a way to prevent concussions and improve...