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February 3 years ago (ENCS) 2 Amended 3 Number of sheets For the Month of (MM/YYYY) Yes No Go back attached Component I Background Information 4 CONTAINER 5 RDO 6 Type of Code Organization 7 Taxpayer's Name (For Individual)Last Identity, First Name, Middle Name/(For Non-individual ) Registered Term 8 Phone number 1 on the lookout for 11 Registered Address twelve Zip Code

Monthly Value added Tax Kawanihan ng Rentas Internas Assertion Republika ng Pilipinas Kagawaran ng Pananalapi

BIR Type No .


Are you availing of tax alleviation under Particular Law Certainly No If yes, specify or perhaps International Duty Treaty? Part II Calculation of Duty (Attach extra sheets, if necessary) Sales/Receipts for the Month (Exclusive of VAT) Output Taxes Due pertaining to the Month

12 13 14 12-15 16 18


nineteen 20

twenty one 22 twenty-three

24 25 26

Vatable Sales/Receipt -- Private (Sch. 1) 12A Sales to Government 13A Zero Scored Sales/Receipts 14 Exempt Sales/Receipts 15 Total Sales/Receipts and Output Tax Due 16A Less: Allowable Input Tax 17A Insight Tax Taken Over via Previous Period 17B Insight Tax Deferred on Capital Goods Going above P1Million from Previous Period 17C Transition Input Tax 17D Presumptive Input Taxes 17E Other folks 17F Total (Sum of Item 17A, 17B, 17C, 17D & 17E) Current Transactions Acquisitions 18A/B Acquiring Capital Items not going above P1Million (see sch. 2) 18A 18C/D Purchase of Capital Goods exceeding P1Million (see sch. 3) 18C 18E/F Domestic Purchases of Goods Besides Capital Goods 18E 18G/H Importation of Goods Other than Capital Goods 18G 18 I/J Domestic Acquiring Services 18 I 18K/L Services delivered by Non-residents 18K 18M Purchases Not Qualified pertaining to Input Duty 18M 18N/O Others 18N 18P Total Current Buys (Sum of Item 18A, 18C, 18E, 18G, 18I, 18K, 18M& 18N) 18P Total Obtainable Input Duty (Sum of Item 17F, 18B, 18D, 18F, 18H, 18J, 18L & 18O) Less: Rebates from Type Tax 20A Input Tax on Buys of Capital Goods exceeding beyond P1Million deferred for the succeeding period (Sch. 3) 20B...