Essay about Passage Analysis: The Combat from The Kindred

Meghan jhgy

October 13, 2013

Project #15

The Fight- Passage and Response

‘Tom Weylin wasn't a monster in any way. Just an normal man who sometimes do the gigantic things his society said were legal and proper' (134). a. This offer is right following Rufus talks about to Dana that his father, Jeff Weylin, would never whip her for a thing he informed Dana to complete. In Rufus's time period, it is the law somebody of Danas color to adhere to orders made from a color of Rufus. Even though Dana doesn't quite believe Rufus's theory, she knows that Weylin wasn't a monster but " would the gigantic things his society explained were legal and proper”. b. Dana realizes, since this quote states; " Tom Weylin wasn't a monster in all” he's only justified as what his time frame perceives him as. The slave period acts, as I see it, a shield coming from who Weylin really is as being a human being. c. I think that Butler, the author, wants the reader to perceive Weylin in this manner. The fact that most of the personas described available whip slaves for their own obsession of cruelty, although Weylin whips his slaves over punishment. It's like he does not want to hurt those that work to get him, but with the pressure of the culture of his time period that forces him to become somebody and do issues that he does not go along with. d. Today many teens in high school become someone who they are not. It's not really that they change their interior being although put a coat of society's aides over those to " suit in”. Various change in secondary school to fit along with the " popular” kids, acting as they would have, shower in designs they no longer preferably just like themselves but it seems " acceptable to society”. While using pressure that society dons teenagers being who they are not, to be what is intended " normal” from the media went to fair, to the stage many pick the path of death mainly because they do not discover the foolish ads that say " if you buy this kind of you'll be normal”. Which causes them to not truly feel accepted by others...