Essay regarding Pakistan Condition Oil


Vision and Mission Statements


To excel in delivering worth to clients as a modern and energetic energy business that grows to the future 1st.


Were committed to leadership in energy market through competitive benefits in rendering the highest quality petroleum products and services to our customers, based on:

5. Professionally skilled, high quality, enthusiastic workforce, functioning as a team in an environment, which in turn recognizes and rewards performance, innovation and creativity, and

provides for personal growth and development

5. Lowest cost procedures and confident access to long term and economical supply sources

* Suffered growth in earnings in real terms

* Remarkably ethical, safe environment friendly and socially liable business practices.

Evaluation of mission declaration

S. No| Components| Yes/ No

1 ) | Customers| Yes

installment payments on your | Market| Yes

three or more. | Product/ Services| Certainly

4. | Technology| No

5. | Concern pertaining to survival growth| Yes

6th. | Philosophy| Yes

six. | Concern for open public image| Certainly

8. | Concern for employees| Yes

9. | Self concept| Yes


Basic Environment

PSO's general environment is unsure and some what complex due to following factors


The educated population is now conscious about the dangers that essential oil companies pose to the environment therefore PSO being the largest oil company in Pakistan has a cultural responsibility of teaching its consumers about useful usage of gas as large usage posseses an adverse affect on the environment and economy of the country. PSO can be one of the major corporations to feel the brunts of a cultural movement against organizations that harm the planet.


In the scientific environment fresh methods of refining and releasing oil and oil related products are continuously changing for the better. Checking up on technologies is essential for PSO.


Over the last year of recession as well as the year before that, it was proved that during financially welfare instances the demand intended for oil soars consistently which raises the cost of oil per barrel in the international marketplace and vice versa. PSO needs to be cautious of the factors as well.


Oil companies are always a target of criticism his or her products offer an adverse influence on the environment. Keeping this in mind PSO has launched a " absolutely no pollution mishaps and absolutely no occupational illness” initiative in which it tries to do research upon minimizing these factors. The value of this can be clearly highlighted by the desired goals of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) committee by PSO.


PSO has maintained a 30 season mutually useful business relationship with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) as Pakistan needs to import oil in order to meet its requirements. This implies that if at any time in time the political associations between Pakistan and Kuwait are dampened or the not as likely chance of Kuwait becoming politically unstable, PSO will suffer tremendously.

External Element Evaluation (EFE)

S. Number | Opportunities| Weight| Rating| Weighted

| | | | Score

1| Getting public sector | zero. 085| 4| 0. 34

| organization backed by Government. | | |

| (while making policies)| | |

2| Increasing energy demand | 0. 095| 3| 0. 285

| thus elevating potential | | |

| customer(industrial)| | |

3| Car loans by banking companies increase retail demand of product. | 0. 095| 2| 0. 19| 4| Increase in petrol price products on hand gain (200% TPA in FY 2008)| 0. 075| 3| 0. 225| 5| Up coming IPPs| 0. 085| 4| 0. 34

6| PSO can go for more various energy assignments. | zero. 085| 3| 0. 255| 7| Embrace value added companies. | 0. 095| 3| 0. 285| В | В | В | В | В

S. No . | Threats | Weight| Rating| Weighted

| | | | Rating

1| New players can be found in market| 0. 035|...