Ou B120 Tma01 Essay

ToChris Pike

Supervisor, Ottershaw Branch, Zinn's Hamburgers and Pizzas


Date29 May 2012



1 . 0IntroductionPage3

2 . 0Analysis and Identified ProblemsPage4 - 6

installment payments on your 1STEEP AnalysisPage4

2 . 2SWOT AnalysisPage5

2 . 3Discussion of Identified ProblemsPage6

3. 0RecommendationsPage6

four. 0ReferencesPage7

1 . 0Introduction

The Ottershaw branch of Zinn's Burgers and Pizza is going through problems with suffering sales, food wastage, high staff turnover, and low employee comfort, along with difficult contact between management and staff and raising competition.

Plus asked to spot and clarify any concerns at the Ottershaw branch of Zinn's Burgers and Pizza from your case study and will be analysing the down sides by using a number of techniques, particularly a SWOT analysis and STEEP examination in order to produce appropriate advice that will boost business businesses, productivity and profitability.

2 . 0Analysis and Identified Challenges

A HIGH and SWOT analysis was carried out to determine the environmental concerns affecting the Ottershaw department for which the results are beneath in Section 2 . one particular and Section 2 . 2:

2 . 1STEEP Analysis

Sociological Factors

Excessive staff turnover

Reliance upon untrained student workforce

Negative work traditions

Technological Factors

Upgrading of cooking and kitchen equipment


Economical Factors

Declining sales

Raising costs

Nation in economic depression

Environmental Elements

Concerns about the Fast Food sector's impact on the environment

Trends towards healthy consuming

Political Elements

None discovered

2 . 2SWOT Analysis

|Marketing|Operations|Human Resources|Finance|...

Sources: Preston, Deb. (2006) B120 Book you An Introduction To Business, Milton Keynes, The Open University, [p30 SWOT Analysis]


What I learned in Activity 1 . several

In TGF Activity 1 . 3 We learnt the fact that size of a small business is an important component to consider. The methods of implementing modify within an foreign company with branches in different countries vary to that of your smaller organization. It was also suggested that change ought at with management definitely demonstrating the alterations through their particular behaviour instead of just mailing an email from the changes being made. Consultation and keeping people informed regarding the impending transform is also key point with helping to effect alter and reduce competitors. Tom thought that change occasionally has to be forcefully made as it might imply the life or death with the business; even though understandable, this suggests the company was not monitoring trends and was for that reason caught off-guard. The most important thing I learned however is the fact fact that the culture of a business needs to allow for flexibility if the organization is to endure. The fact that technology is constantly changing and creating new ways of doing business demands a business needs to examine their environment and adapt, when necessary, by applying any alter that will boost product/service delivery and earnings while considering the impact on every stakeholders engaged.