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The Ottawa Charter to get Health Campaign

First International Conference about Health Campaign, Ottawa, twenty one November 1986

Health Campaign Action Means:

Build Healthy and balanced Public Policy

Health advertising goes beyond medical. It puts health around the agenda of policy producers in all sectors and at every levels, directing them to know about the health implications of their decisions and to acknowledge their obligations for health.

Health promotion policy combines diverse yet complementary methods including legislation, fiscal steps, taxation and organizational transform. It is synchronised action leading to health, income and social procedures that create greater value. Joint action contributes to ensuring safer and healthier services and goods, healthier public services, and cleaner, more pleasant environments.

Well being promotion plan requires the identification of obstacles for the adoption of healthy general public policies in non-health sectors, and ways of removing all of them. The aim has to be to make the healthier choice the simpler choice pertaining to policy creators as well.

Generate Supportive Conditions

Our societies are intricate and interrelated. Health can not be separated from other goals. The inextricable links between persons and their environment constitutes the foundation for a socioecological approach to overall health. The overall guiding principle for the earth, nations, parts and residential areas alike, is a need to encourage reciprocal protection - to manage each other, the communities and our surrounding. The preservation of all-natural resources all over the world should be stressed as a global responsibility.

Changing patterns of life, function and amusement have an important impact on health. Work and leisure can be a source of health for people. Just how society sets up work will need to help create a healthy world. Health promo generates living and working conditions which can be safe, exciting, satisfying and enjoyable.

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