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There are three dialogue topics for Week 1 )

Topic you: Compare brick-n-mortar and click-n-mortar organizations. Offer an example of each in your assessment. The brick-n-mortar organization a well-known company, that has physical presence and offers face-to-face customer experiences, basically, any classic business with a building, office or shop for its functions. For example , Marshalls, which has several store locations in the U. S. and a website, yet products are generally not sell online. Click-n-mortar corporation is a company that uses the two online and offline functions. Like the brick-n-mortar organization very low physical position that offers classic face-to-face client experience, although also has a site to offer the buyer online orders. For example: Barnes & Commendable. This company supplies its products and services in both a physical and an internet store. Matter 2: Why is distance learning considered EC? Clarify, and provide two - several examples of establishments that provide distance education programs. Relating to Becker (2008) electronic commerce " refers to the transaction of products and companies through electronic digital communications. ” Since education is a service industry, distance learning can be considered EC. For example , Town University of Seattle and CETYS University provide this kind of learning courses. Topic 3: Read about MySpace by visiting this web sites: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myspace, http://articles.latimes.com/keyword/myspace-com, and http://www.topsciencemagazines.com/topic/MySpace+Inc. Decided to go with one of the following questions to discuss:

1 . How come MySpace catch the attention of so many guests? Explain.

MySpace offers many features to its associates. By using all of these tools, they will share info and interact with other affiliate from the other side on the planet, and since it is just a worldwide network, the communications become more various. 2 . List and talk about the major problems faced by company.

several. What are the rewards to Bebo...