NETW202 W3 Lab Survey Template 1 Essay

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Lab #3

Lab Statement

Section I: Observe the video tutorials on the UTP cabling, examine your course material and solution the queries below. Add in graphics from the web to enhance the answers and stay sure to refer to your recommendations. (Each query is worth you point each)

1 . What is meant by term " pinout”?

2 . What are the next cable types used for and how are they built? How are that they different?

Crossover cable

Rollover cable

Straight through cable

3. What are the 568A and 568B termination color code standards? What are the 568A and 568B pinout requirements? This is complicated terminology so, just how are they diverse? 4. Just how many conductors or wiring are there in a UTP cable? How various pairs? 5. What hues or line are used in these wires/pairs?

6. Just what punch down tool and how do you make use of it? The punch down instrument used to put the wiring into a jack such as this truly does what two things to each cable? 7. Precisely what is crosstalk and exactly how does it affect performance?

8. Precisely what is the most important part of the termination procedure to ensure low crosstalk on the connection? 9. Just how is the outer insulation protecting each line cut through during the termination procedure? 12. What is the between STP and UTP cable? What might a credit card applicatoin be for each and every type? Sources: Add in when you use external sources besides the textbook.

SECTION II: Read a case study and appearance at dietary fiber installation methods. Write a summary of the things you learned inside your research. 1 ) Find a case study that you are considering looking at and read through the case study. Which will case study did you select? The thing that was interesting for you about this case study? What would you learn was new to you? (3 points)

2 . Look for a video beneath network solutions and look with the fiber unit installation videos. Select one to watch. Which in turn video did you select? Create a paragraph by what you learned. (3 points)

SECTION III: Using the Wireshark software...