Essay about Media, Reports, Paranoia, and the Consequences of Y2K

Media, News, Paranoia, and the Outcomes of Y2K

As Franklin D. Roosevelt said in the first initial speech, ”…The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. ” Though the speech delivers a separate affect on the American general public for years, it looks like it lost meaning 60 years later. The 1990's era is one of the most critical decades of the early modern day era where general public begins to fixative their particular lives with technology. After as early as 98, various individuals begin to reflect on what will happen for their lives as they reach the start of a new millennium. Many considercarefully what new rayon await all of them in the year 2150, others consider the historic event in general, while others worry about just how their obtaining home following New Year's Eve. Many people are concerned about the sudden monomania about the hazards of reaching the year 2000; panicking and driven with fear by what may be the end of all mankind. The Y2K Bug has driven various people to go crazy and go to severe lengths to protect themselves because of rumors, the government, and the media itself. The role of media in covering the celebration has cause tensions involving the common people and the government regarding business and the safety.

Quick the Y2K coverage depended on technology that we're familiar today such as satellites, color television, and the internet. The internet was among the dominate varieties of information due to its quick changes and marketing communications towards the complete world. Because of it, various people would be aware of the possible bottom line of a conceivable apocalypse; the place that the world will end with the rollover of x99 to x00 inside the computer's time everywhere. The media on its own has described Y2K as a negative significance, describing the poker site seizures as risky and horrible. Many companies would predict the collapse with their business when the year 200 will strike such IBM. They predicted that the inability of their mainframe computers about January very first will mean...