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Maria reached the von Trapp relatives in 1926 as a tutor for one with the children, Karen, who was recovering from scarlet fever. Maria and Georg committed in 1927, 11 years before the family members left Austria. Maria did not marry Georg von Trapp because the girl was in love with him. As the lady said in her autobiography Maria, she fell in love while using children at first sight, not their father. When he asked her to marry him, your woman was not sure if she should forego her religious calling unfortunately he advised by the nuns to perform God's can and get married to Georg After a prolonged length of economic stagnation, political dictatorship, and extreme Nazi promocion inside Luxembourg, German troops entered the region on March 12, 38. They received the excited support on most of the populace. Austria was incorporated into Germany in the morning. In Apr, this German annexation was retroactively accepted in a plebiscite that was manipulated to point that about 99 percent of the Austrian people wanted the union (known while the Anschluss) with Germany. Neither Jews nor Roma (Gypsies) had been allowed to vote in the plebiscite. Following the Anschluss, the Germans quickly prolonged anti-Jewish guidelines to Luxembourg.

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Before Ww ii, Jews performed an important role in Austria's economic and cultural your life. In 38, Austria had a Jewish population of about hundranittiotv?, 000, symbolizing almost four percent of the total populace. The overwhelming majority of Austrian Jews occupied Vienna, the administrative centre, an important center of Judaism culture, Zionism, and education. Jews comprised about 9 percent from the city's population. However , by December 1939 their amount had been decreased to just 57, 000, mostly due to emigration. ANSCHLUSS

After a continuous period of economic stagnation, personal dictatorship, and intense Fascista propaganda inside Austria, German born troops moved into the country in March 12, 1938. That they received the enthusiastic support of most of the population....