Live with Animals - Whitman Essay

Yen Bui

Essay #2: Analysis Essay

Due on Thursday, March 14th, 2010.

Professor: Amanda Coplin.

Humans' Life Versus Animals' Life

Human life is complicated. We ought to behave in such a way that would not hurt others. We are likely to be good, polite and calm. Yet , sometimes, persons feel tired of being put in a world wherever they have to take action humanely. Walt Whitman, as being a normal person, throughout the voice of his loudspeaker, shows his thoughts about living a runner life vs . living an animal life in the poem " I think I could turn and live with animals”. The way the loudspeaker fights with himself more than whether or not living an animals' life rather than humans' life is very impressive. Although in the beginning this individual expresses that he is tired of the problems in his existence and views living a great animals' life, he ultimately concludes following having studied the animals' life that he likes the life of the human since it is more sophisticated plus more worthy to have. In the beginning of the poem, the speaker clarifies the differences among humans' life and animals' life. He thinks pets do not have intelligence, so they cannot need to believe and take action humanely. In the view, animals which are " so placid and self-contain'd” never obtain frustrated using their life, whilst he is today mad in his very own life. He thinks humans' life is considerably more troublesome than that of the animals. Inside the second stanza, he email lists some negative aspects of the humans' lifestyle when compared with a great animals' lifestyle. Humans generally " perspiration and whine” about their home for that pet. They dedicate sins and can't sleep at night because of the guilt. They have desires and passions which in turn sometimes make sure they are " dissatisfied. ” They also have to show their respect to other people. Nevertheless , animals' never have to do those activities, because they just do not have thoughts about them. The speaker uses comparisons to clearly expose the differences in those two worlds. This individual seems to be sick and tired with living in this kind of society, in which he...