Essay regarding UNFORTUNATELY


Cardiovascular diseases ranking as one of the top rated causes of morbidity and mortality in the country. The rapid rise in the prevalence of these disorders poses major challenge not only in the health attention delivery system but to the economic and social instability of the nation as well thinking about the loss of fruitful manpower plus the cost of heart problems management. Severe especially persistent conditions just like hypertension and also other heart illnesses consequently boost the demand upon health care companies, from basic medications to complex techniques that are important to manage these kinds of conditions. Countries all over the world had been experiencing the same trends and as a response, budget allocations and continuous studies were funded for technical advancement. Unfortunately, Philippines is definitely yet to meet the demands of technological improvement and competencies. Among the many hospitals in the country only many are capable of providing qualified and alternative management to Cardiovascular Diseases, sadly, these are hostipal wards that can be afforded by Filipinos belonging to the middle and upper class of the society. Poor people who barely afford hospitalization more so to obtain their daily maintenance expire in vain without obtaining proper input. That my friend is an unfortunate reality we can never escape.

As the cost of antihypertensive medications and also other drugs necessary to control and treat center ailments keep rising, the possibility of lessening the frequency of these conditions is getting over and above our understanding. Without proper action from the expert, more minds will suffer. Of course, if only treating a congestive heart failure is as easy as repairing a damaged heart, this wouldn't always be as unfortunate as the reality of conserving lives amidst the shortage of methods.

I i am not blaming anybody in this incompetence, but since the number of persons dying in heart circumstances everyday because of lack of correct interventions, while...