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Group Charter

Study Group # H4

(Zeithaml Legacy)

We gives a Palm!

To our Team Members, our Musical legacy, our School and the entire UNC Community! -Go Heels! -

Holly Goodliffe

Dernier-ne Martini

Alejandro Mendoza

Johannes PГјllen

Zach Shapiro

To. E. A. M. Jointly Everyone Defines More!!!

My spouse and i. Common Goals:

* * We want to successfully pursue the MBA plan and make the most of our period here in every part. We want to leveraging the MBA program since the next step towards a great job and keep an impact in the UNC Kenan-Flagler community. 2.

* * We want to support the other person so most of us can effectively complete the program and achieve our person goals, as well as understand the concepts taught in class.

2. Core ideals:

* Many of us highly value integrity. All of us plan to meet the beliefs of the UNC Kenan-Flagler community and to the respect Code. 2. Being sincere towards one another is very important for all of us. We originate from different backgrounds and cultures thus need to be delicate regarding the range of our group. * We value learning, and we want to truly understand the concepts in order that we can use them in our long term careers, rather than just " getting through” the classes.

III. Potential obstacles:

* Clashes with profession activities, interview schedules. 2. Long commutes for some associates.

2. Different rest schedules (some are morning persons many are night people; this might cause conflicts for some assignments)

IV. Ground rules and Accountability:

5. Be on time - punctuality is important

* Be trusted - the group can only achieve its goals if everyone honors their responsibilities. * Be productive - every part of the group should contribute to the team assignments and to each of our projects. * Be time effective - seeing that time is usually valuable in the program we need to always be as time efficient as possible * Stay up-to-date in coursework and do all the specific work...