geography Composition

Task 2 2 . 1

TEMPLATE 2: Execute directed geography research

A. Collect and record primary/secondary data in the local area

Secondary Info 2 . two

3. your five

Tuesday 14 February Friday 12 Febuary

Thursday night 13 Feb . Friday 14 February

Saturday 12-15 Febuary

Weekend 16 Fedbuary

Saturday 15 February Saturday 16 Feb .

On the 23 March Monday twenty four February

Job 3 3. 1 Present your data Weather station

We constructed my own weather train station to record 14 days of weather. My weather train station was located at the Christchurch Boys Substantial hostel within the front discipline so it is encountered with all the factors throughout the day blowing wind, rain, and the Sun. I actually recorded my data each night at six: 30pm constantly over the 13 day period.

Wind vane 3. a couple of

I produced my wind flow vane away of card, sand, 2 litre bottle, and kebab supports. Every night it measured the direction of the wind with it face north and then let the wind switch the arrow to the way the wind was blowing. General it gave me a difficult idea of wind directions and patterns in Christchurch. Thermometer Screen several. 3

My own thermometer i constructed to record the temperate above the 14 working day period consisted of an eel spare and a light bucket lower in half and a thermometer. Firstly I actually placed the thermometer in to the bucket after that leave it exterior for at least a couple of minutes so it can transform to the temperate then I will record the data. The thermometer screen was placed outside the house on the the front field inside the same situation as the wind vine. Contrasting the data towards the end of the fourteen days showed that at 6th: 30 pm hours the temperate was approximately the same.

Rainfall Gauge 3. 4

My rain determine was made away of one 1litre Bottle and a pump 750 ml bottle. They placed it out the back of the Christchurch boy's high hostel inside the volley ball court. I actually placed this in the volley ball courtroom because it was secure inside the sand. Every day that it rained I would get how much rainfall fell approximately 6: 35 pm then simply record the next day to add about more rainwater that may possess fell.

Anemometer 3. your five

My anemometer was made out of a compass and line attached to a ping pong ball. An anemometer is to gauge the wind speed. This was put in the same area as wind vane as well as the thermometer display screen. I would record the wind velocity at the same time ?nternet site record wind direction mainly because it will not be the same if I noted them 30 minutes apart as the data are not the same.

Process 3. 6

Location of Metservive weather place (Secondary data)

3. 7

Location of Primary Info (Boys Substantial Hostel)

three or more. 8

Distance between major source and secondly source

Process 4 Describing the research findings incorporating the relevance geographic concepts

4. 1 More than a 14 day time period I actually recorded half a dozen elements of nature wind, rainwater, temperature, impair cover, blowing wind speed, and wind direction using my personal home made climate station. My weather place was created coming from materials located around residence as I have explained what they are on job 3. a few. I located my weather station within the front discipline of Christchurch Boys Large hostel therefore it is exposed to each of the elements during the day to get the most accurate recordings. I noted my info every night at 6: 30pm for the 14 days to find the most exact recordings i then had to review my major data to a secondary info that I acquired...