Essay regarding Feeding the Hungry in the united states


I am just Just One Person, What Could I Do?

Feeding the Hungry in America

Eric C. Johnson

Grand Canyon University

ENG 106 – Make up

Oct 17, 2010

" My spouse and i can't support things progress, I'm just one person what difference would I make, really? ” I've been doing thinking in this way myself previously and justification in my life. We have learned though that by simply getting involved, producing inquiries, acquiring action personally that I can contribute to helping resolve a growing problem in each of our communities, throughout our complete Country, nourishing the hungry families in the usa. To look at this matter in its whole, it may look like an insurmountable one that all of us couldn't perhaps do anything about ourselves. Our company is making an improvement though, one family at a time through urgent food pantries and kitchens that are scattered throughout our great Region. Since the downturn, unemployment has been excessively high, even more families than ever have been finding it required visit their particular local food pantries, or food dining rooms in their neighborhoods. We may read in our local papers that the unemployment rate has been reducing; the growing number of people (families) taking advantage of local food pantries though still happening the rise. I am aware with this all too well; I'm a Supervisor for the stockroom in my community's local meals pantry. Relating to an document written by the Economic Exploration Service (ERS), " In 2007 TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) supplied 340 million pounds of commodities to community crisis food provider. ” TEFAP is a government funded software that has been aiding with nourishing the hungry families inside our Country for many years now. The difference between food pantries and emergency foodstuff kitchens is easy. Food pantries supply foodstuff for people that is unsuspecting and collected for division to individuals and families to prepare at additional off web page locations. An urgent situation food kitchen prepares and serves...

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