Essay about English Evaluation 2013


English test out December 17, VG2.

Process 1 .

Jamaica provides a rich ethnic legacy that can be shaped over the centuries by the island's unique historical historical past and by the intermingling of peoples of African, Western, Indian, Chinese language and Middle section Eastern ancestry. The vibrant Jamaican lifestyle is reflected in the country's traditional and popular music, and is the driving force of the country's dishes, art and craft, dance, drama and fashion. The majority of Jamaicans may very well be as bilingual. English can be their main and standard language, but the Jamaicans also speak their own language known as patois, which combines British words and a Jamaican accent with grammatical features common to the languages of West The african continent. In Jamaica there are 90% black persons, and only on the lookout for, 1% of other ethnic groups.

Task 2a.

After what I've read and seen, it is not necessarily hard to believe that Rastafari is rapidly eradicated. They may be a little people, and it almost looks like they have difficulty " produce" more of them. Rastafari focuses on a healthy existence and steer clear of alcohol. They will eat healthier and " real" food called I-tal food. The favorite hairstyle dreadlocks, arose because of Marcus Garvey agitation to get black self esteem. And the use of cannabis that they claim to locate evidence in a large amount Bible verse, same as the Psalms (104. 14): " He caused the turf to grow for the cattle, and herb pertaining to the assistance of man. " The primary reason that Rastafari movement and the ritual utilization of ganja is now world renowned reggae music can be - a union of modern rock and traditional African rhythms of Rasta the collections. While pop reggae builds in previously popular music forms like ska and doldrums beat, but it also has different elements.