Energy Cricis in Pakistan Essay

How to solve energy problems in Pakistan?

Energy is a bloodline of a country's economic climate. A continuous and sufficient energy `supply may ensure a healthy and intensifying economy. Pakistan is passing through the tough phase of electricity scarcity but right steps considered with a good intention usually leads us to load shedding totally free future.

The pragmatic solutions are of long term and short term timeframe. The short-run solutions are to decrease the transmission line loss, to break the vicious ring of spherical debts, to scrutinize the utility bill payment and a robbery free electricity supply. Appropriate infrastructure can definitely guarantee a proper flow of electricity. An individual approach to resolving the issue is to save electrical power by reducing the usage by handful of watts.

In addition to that the long term reform include the construction of new atteinte, electricity production through cheaper sources, exploring alternative energy solutions and an efficient and in time completion of Iran-Pakistan canal and Thar coal job. Pakistan can be blessed with natural powers like sun and wind flow. The extreme sunny weather in summers can be exploited to generate maximum out of it. The coastal line is usually an infinite source of wind flow energy. An additional solution is to increase the percentage of electricity generation by nuclear plants.

The separating gap between demand and supply is mounting with every 12 months and it is pushing the economy for the brink. The answer lies in trading time and efforts in the correct direction to fulfill the demands. One of the most viable actions are to create new drinking water storage sizes and check out the alternative replenishable sources.