Essay about Creon the Tragic Number

Creon the Tragic Figure

Throughout the play Antigone, Creon is definitely portrayed as the ruler of willpower and pleasure. Creon's pleasure is what makes him the tragic figure of Antigone. Though Antigone will take her lifestyle as the consequence of her word from Creon, it is not her pride that defines her fate nevertheless her unwillingness to accept her fate.

Creon, King of Thebes, endures his destiny of pleasure. Not by simply his individual demise, nevertheless his denial of Antigones brother Polynices burial; this caused devastating events in Creon's your life to get caught in place like an extravagant dominospiel effect.

With all the sentence of Antigone, your woman took her own your life. With Antigone's suicide, her fiancé' Creon's only living son Haemon took his own life. After, figuring out about her son Haemon's death, Eurydice's takes her life struggling to bare the torment of living devoid of her only child. Creon's rulings did heed safety measures from other folks, first with Antigone when she says to him " …dwelling with all the gods beneath the earth ordain such laws for men. Neither did I believe your edict had this kind of force that you just, a mere persona, could override the gods, the great unwritten, unshakable traditions…These laws I was not going to break them, certainly not out of fear of a lot of man's wounded pride and face the retribution from the gods” (pg. 1453). Creon dismisses this kind of warning since she is just a woman.

Haemon also alerts Creon from the god's retribution telling him, the people are angry and he features " trampled down the respects of the gods” (pg. 1465). Creon continue to does not pay attention to the alerts his simply living kid has to get him and dismisses him as being too in take pleasure in and led with his heart because of Antigone.

Finally, Tiresias whom is one of Creon's most trustworthy advisors alerts him " the chariot of the sun will not contest through so many circuits more, before you have surrendered one particular born of your personal loins, the own flesh and bloodstream, a corpse for people given in come back, since you include thrust for the world below a child sprung from the universe above, callously lodged a...