Essay upon ch 6 project motorists ed

п»їName: Graham Sokol

Teen Generating Issues Project

Topic: Drunk Driving

Part 1 - Identify the situation

Be sure to incorporate at least 4 total sentences for every.

Section HeadingInformationWhy is this a problem, especially for young drivers? (4 sentences by least) Drunk driving always dangerous but specially with teens who are new to traveling and unsophisticated with ingesting. Drinking and driving can cause accidents or perhaps deaths. Their not just harmful to the intoxicated driver nevertheless dangerous to everyone else in the street. Statistics via research relating to teen crash rates.

(4 sentences for least)В Drinking with young people has become decline for many years so gets the accidents of intoxicated teenagers. Deaths linked to teens drinking have decreased by 47% in the last 12-15 years. Between 1979 and 1998 consuming in the ages 12-17 declined by 50%. Its great to see these statistics weak and I hope they always decline in the foreseeable future. How is usually one firm or group trying to fix this problem? Brand group and what they are carrying out. (2 phrases at least)The MADD can be one firm trying to support solve the condition of teenagers drunk driving. The mothers against drunk driving they may have started a help range and publication along with other things.

How is another organization or group working to solve the situation? Name the group and what they are performing. (2 sentences at least)SADD the students against drunk driving. They spread understanding and help their peers associated with right decisions about driving while intoxicated. Web sites in which this information was found. http://www.duifoundation.org/ http://www.madd.org/

http://www2.potsdam.edu/Part 2 - Solutions to get the Issue

Section HeadingInformationSomething otherwise that should be done to help fix or control the problem. (4 sentences for least)

My very own ideas for solving this problem. This may not be something that is currently being doneIn schools persons could appear in and train all about drunk driving and the hazards and consequences. My own idea, I think...