causses and effects article



Scholar's name: Mariel Sepulveda Alarcon

Student's number: 51616

Teacher's name: Cynthia and Vernon

Date: 07/11/2013

Word depend: 287


In nowadays people are residing in a globalize world wherever stress is a common sickness. Amongst this persons there is a particular group since students which are focalized in improve their knowledge. Studying joined with a less time provide for the students road blocks which they ought to pass to complete their goals and is through this stage in which stress commence to appear. The tension in learners is triggered mainly by the following factors parent objectives and too much work in less time. Paragraph you:

Topic word: First of all, one of the most popular reasons behind stress in students is definitely parent expectation. Parent wish more using their child

The kid lives under pressure

Paragraph two:

Topic phrases: Other necessary cause of student stress is the relationship with student's pairs and professors. Students might feel that they are not element of their environment Students simply cannot maintain a conversation using their pairs and teachers Transitional paragraph:

The two of these causes grown may create different kinds of results in the college student life just like physical and emotional challenges and isolation.

Paragraph three or more:

Topic sentences: One of the most common effects in stress in students is definitely physical and emotional concerns which are due to parent objectives. Student legend to chop down nervous


Health problems (unbalanced diet, learn to smoke)

Psychological problems (depression)

Paragraph 4:

Subject sentences: Finally, owing to negative relationships, students can truly feel isolated. Issues with different people (such as friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, classmates, teachers) Not really motivation to study


To sum up, stress in students is usually caused by different factors. However , the most typical reasons happen to be parent targets and poor relationships inside the school. Furthermore,...