Beowulf Composition

Vivek Kamboj Kamboj one particular Mr. Furtado

English 4/ Period three or more

11 Sept. 2010 2013

Monk's Mentality

Christopher Reeve when said " A leading man is a regular individual who locates the strength aid and endure in spite of frustrating obstacles. ” Beowulf himself exemplifies these kinds of words towards the fullest level. Written by a Christian monk, yet still seated in paganism, Beowulf can be described as 3200 series epic poem telling the story of a superb epic hero. With Christianity and paganism clashing, Beowulf is tremendously influenced simply by both aspects of the monk's mentality.

From the very beginning, we see the fact that monk was not yet totally established in Christianity and pagan elements were still deeply rooted in his head. When we are introduced to Grendel he can said to come " from the marsh, from the foot of misty Hillsides and bogs, bearing God's hatred, ” (1-2) thus we can see the reference to Goodness very early on in the poem. There is also a side note in the story which sheds some light in Grendel's origins it says that Grendel is a direct descendent of Cain or perhaps better known as the " 1st murderer”, who is part of Christianity. From the beginning we see both equally aspects of the monk's attitude. Even though there are Christian elements all through the entire story, Grendel himself signifies a part of paganism. They have mood for every thing and in Christianity there is no this kind of thing while monsters there are only demons. In this quote we see the phrase " God” used in unique form rather than " gods”. We can see that it was not referring to a specific heart or The almighty, but just one God a big a part of Christianity. A similar can be seen in a unique line through the fight, " …Screams from the Almighty's adversary sang inside the darkness, ” (76-77). Through this line they...

References: including the " snake swaddled in flames” and " sporting towards the fate are all pagan mainly because dragons will be part of the unnatural and paganism had a strong belief in faith.

To summarize the monk who wrote Beowulf was using equally Christianity and paganism inside the story also because of this the storyline has both aspects of the monk's attitude. Perhaps the monk was just getting started in Christianity and was trying to get utilized to the idea and still have that effect the story, yet because of just how deeply grounded paganism is at his head he was not able to and offered the pagan elements in the story more emphasis.