2 . a few. 1 Diary Essay

2 . three or more. 1 Journal: Analyze the Reading


This is the journal activity. Complete the prewriting steps below prior to moving on towards the journal response.

Read and Paraphrase

Look at the opening level directions of Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller.

A tune is read, played upon a flute. It is small , fine, showing of lawn and forest and the intervalle. The drape rises. Ahead of us is the Salesman's house. We are conscious of towering, angular shapes to it, surrounding it on all sides. Only the green light in the sky declines upon the house and forestage; the surrounding location shows an angry shine of lemon. As even more light looks, we see a great vault of apartment houses around the small , fragile-seeming home. An atmosphere of the dream clings to the place, a dream rising away of reality. The kitchen for center appears actual enough, for there is also a kitchen table with three chair, and a refrigerator. Nevertheless no other fixtures are seen. At the back of your kitchen there is a draped entrance, which leads to the living room...

Willy Loman, the Salesman, enters, holding two large sample instances. The flute plays about. He hears but is not mindful of it. He is past 59 years of age, outfitted quietly. Even as he passes across the stage to the entry of the house, his exhaustion is usually apparent. He unlocks the door, comes into your kitchen, and fortunately lets his burden straight down, feeling the soreness of his hands. A word-sigh escapes his lips — it might be " Oh, son, oh, young man. ” This individual closes the door, then holds his instances out into the living room, through the covered kitchen entry...

Write The Response

Log question: Just how can the opening stage guidelines from Loss of life of a Sales person prepare you to read the play? Focus on how several sounds, colors, and images help establish the setting and mood of the play.

Matter sentence: The opening level directions of Death of your Salesman make use of images and language that help the target audience understand the setting and feeling of the play.

Example #1:...